I have Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 2 (mild,) according to my doctor. But my test results (creatinine is around 1.1) has been the same for at least 7 years. Will my condition inevitably worsen, albeit at a slow rate, or I may just be this same stage till I die (I am 67 years old)? I do take a number of herbal supplements but my CKD hasn’t worsened. So I am okay with those supplements, do you think? (These supplements along with diet and exercise have allowed me to stay away from pharmaceutical prescription medicines for a long time, to my doctor’s pleasure!) But I am always interested to know what I can do – diet-wise, healthstyle-wise, supplement-wise – to prevent my CKD worsening.

If your kidney function has been stable at this level for 7 years, this forecasts a relatively good prognosis.  Stage 2 chronic kidney disease (CKD) means your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) is between 60 and 89 milliliters per minute per 1.73 meters squared and has been there for at least 3 months.  This may be a normal eGFR for your age.  You must also have some abnormal finding in your urine or your x-rays in order to be diagnosed with CKD.  It sounds like you are doing all that you can and if the supplements are approved by your physician, I would not change anything.

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