My father is 70 years old. He had removed his left kidney in India because of Tumor. Currently he has to go to frequent urination almost every 20 min. He has high Luekocyte count in his Urine report. Dr. from India told that he has CKD and as per his calculation his kidney function is 30%. He is in USA now, we recently did his blood and Urine report and his eGFR is 36 and Creatine count is 1.87. What is causing him to go to frequent urination? He does not have medical insurance. How can we consult a nephrologist in order to get better treatment?

I would suggest that you first start with consulting with a primary care physician (PCP). This will be less expensive and I am not sure his frequent urination is related to his chronic kidney disease (CKD).  Your father could have issues related to his bladder or his prostate and not necessarily CKD.  It is best that your father be evaluated by a primary care practitioner (such as family practice or internal medicine) rather than a specialist such as a nephrologist.


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