Hello Dr, My mother is suffering from kidney Disease with Diabetes, Heart problem, PD etc for many years. My mother’s creatinine is now 3.4. Please, give me a prescription to reduce creatinine at any cost. Can I use herbs like Chamomile Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Dandelion Root etc to reduce creatinine? As It is increasing day by day. I want to avoid dialysis. I want my Mother for more few days. She is the only nearest person for me. Please Help Me. May god help You. Please, give me a response.

There are no herb, teas or supplements that can be used to improve kidney function and lower the serum creatinine.  Your mother should consult with a nephrologist and follow his or her advice about treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD).   Kidney disease and heart disease are very common causes of CKD and must be managed by a nephrologist to try and maintain as much kidney function as possible.  The goal of treatment is to slow the process that causes the CKD and try to slow the pace of progression.

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