Hello Sir, I am from India. My mother is a hemodialysis patient since last 17 years. From last few weeks, she is suffering from breathing problem too much, like she is not able to breath properly and at bedtime, she is sometimes unconscious behaving abnormal activities. Fistula is on her left hand but her doctor suggest to use right hand for receiving the blood. If so happened then her dependency increases on others. Right now she is not so much dependent on others. Can you please suggest what we have to do for her health improvement?

I am not able to provide a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  Your mother may become much more dependent on caregivers as her disease progresses.  I can only suggest that you discuss your concerns with the nephrologist who is caring for your mother. Long term dialysis is a very strenuous procedure, especially in the elderly.  Your mother should consult with the nephrologist who is caring for her on a regular basis.

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