I was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy about seven years ago and did several rounds of chemotherapy and my IGA nephropathy has been in remission up until two years ago. My blood pressure spiked after I went through a house fire and loosing my mom a few months later . My GFR and creatinine have been fine up until I got a bad tooth infection. My GFR is now 57. It was over 60. I generally only get blood pressure spiked around my menstrual cycle. I’m on 5 mg of Lisinopril once daily to protect my kidneys and keep blood pressure in check. I was wondering if blood pressure and kidneys would be affected by starting a workout regimen. Lifting weights (light weights) and treadmill. Also my regular doctor said I could start on a meal replacement called isagenix and there are one to two days a week that you cleanse with a cleanse drink. Is this OK in your opinion?

Exercise and light weight lifting are excellent ways to maintain your overall health and your kidney health. I have no experience with the supplement that you mention and would not have an opinion about use of this substance.

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