My mother was recently placed on dialysis; she has a few other heath condiction such as COPD and heart disease and used to suffer from high blood pressure (now her pressure is too low). With that being said she is currently in the hospital experiencing issues with low blood pressure with higher heart rates. Her cardiologist placed a third stent in her heart on Tuesday and she has been in CCU since. My question and concern is during her last dialysis session which was yesterday, the first nurse had her in a seated position on the bed, however the 2nd nurse that come in for the last hour and a half changed her position. This position had her lying back with her legs raised higher than her head. Is that a standard or correct position to place a person in while receive a dialysis treatment. If the answer is yes, how could this benefits a person and improve treatment, however if the answer is no, how could this position effect the treatment outcome or affect the person receiving treatment in that position. Lastly could this of had a negative effect on her after just having the stent placed in heart. I ask because later that evening she experienced trouble breathing. If the 2nd nurse didn’t follow correct protocol for treatment of dialysis, what should my course of action at this point consist of? Thank you. Concerned daughter.

If someone has low blood pressure on dialysis, it is common to lower the head and raise the legs in order to maintain blood flow to the head and heart.  I am not able to comment on whether this was standard procedure, but it is commonly done, especially with low blood pressure while performing dialysis. I suggest that you review your concerns with the nephrologist who is caring for your mother.


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