My sister (62) has been on dialysis for about a year now. She is supposed to use the machine every night while she sleeps. However, it is causing her a lot of pain and she is doing it less and less now. She is unable to sleep at night with the machine running because of the pain. As a result, she either sleeps during the day or not at all. She has become very depressed She becomes very upset if any family members try to talk to her or offer to go with her to the doctor’s appt. Do your have any suggestions for us to try to get her back on track? Thank you so very much for your time and any advice you may have.

Your sister must discuss this with her physician and nephrologist.  It is my estimate that her nephrologist knows that she may not be doing her treatments because the amount of supplies that she is using for her home dialysis is monitored continuously.  When she is not doing treatments, she is not using supplies.  She will need to seek help from her home dialysis clinic.  They are the best ones to help her with her problems.

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