My 91 year old mother had 2 UTIs in January. She saw a urologist in late February. He referred her to a nephrologist who diagnosed her with stage 3 kidney disease in March. We have seen a rapid decline in her cognitive function since the first UTI (3 month time period). Is there a correlation between kidney disease and cognitive function? We keep asking about dementia and additional tests that should be run. We are told by the SN facility that there is nothing more they can do and they have no explanation for her sudden onset dementia.

Dementia is common in the elderly and may be worsened by infections of any kind, including urinary tract infections (UTI’s).  Early stage chronic kidney disease (CKD Stage 3) should not be a cause of dementia.  I can only suggest that you have your mother examined by her primary care physician to see if there are reversible problems that may have led to a worsening of her dementia.


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