I am from India but now I am working in Saudi Arabia. Before 2 months I have a leg pain and I consult a physician here. So doctor told me to check the creatinine. That time my creatinine level is 1.2, then my blood pressure was 155 that time. But leg pain problem and my disk some problems. I took X-ray also. Doctor told creatinine increase the reason in blood pressure. So I start blood pressure medicine 5 mg tablet. After one month, I checked again creatinine. It is not changed same value 1.2. Sir, I want to reduce my creatinine level. I make everyday 20 minute walking and small exercise. and drink lot of water. Last one year, my stomach acidity is very high and also little pain around the chest, mainly armpit. Sir, please give me your advice to reduce creatinine. My age 33, weight now 92 kg. If I make exercise any problems? How many liter water drink each day? Please give me your advice?

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you provide.  There are no treatments that specifically lower the serum creatinine.  I suggest that you continue to follow your physician’s advice.    You should drink water if you are thirsty but there is no prescription for specific water intake.  Your blood pressure should be controlled to less than 130/80.  You are otherwise leading a healthy lifestyle and I have no other recommendations.


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