I lost my left kidney in 1997 because of cancer. I’ve always been told not to take statins because they can harm my remaining kidney. My cardiologist tells me he’s never heard of that & wants to prescribe a statin. Is it safe for me to take statins?

Statins may rarely cause a problem with muscle called rhabdomyolysis which can cause loss of myoglobin into the urine (known as myoglobinuria).  Myoglobinuria can cause damage to kidneys, but again, is not very common.  The reduction in heart disease and heart attacks with statins usually outweigh the small risk of rhabdomyolysis associated with statins. Statins do not directly injure kidneys and I use statins in patients with kidney disease very commonly.  I would suggest that you also review this with your primary care physician (PCP) as well.


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