I would really appreciate some advice. Approx 4 years ago I became very unwell with a fever, sickness, etc and was admitted to the hospital being diagnosed with a ‘kidney infection’ and was on IV antibiotics and fluids for 6 days. I then have had repeated bouts of protein and traces of blood in the urine, backache, and have been treated with antibiotics many times for an infection. I have received a copy of my medical notes from childhood and during a routine blood test a very high creatinine level was found and the letter was stamped ‘for immediate investigation’. This letter was never brought to my personal doctor, or mothers attention. Now my creatinine levels are regarded as on the high side and I am worried that my doctor is not putting the pieces of the puzzle together and is missing something. I have felt very unwell over the last couple of years, have gained over 30 pounds in weight despite trying to exercise and being calorie controlled (I have never had weight problems in the past). I am always extremely thirsty, especially at night, i constantly go to the loo. I do not have diabetes. I suffer with swollen hands and feet, sometimes in the morning my shoes feel too tight to get on. My results of the last blood test are: Serum potassium level 4.5 mmol/L Serum creatinine level 101 umol/L GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD 63 mL/min Plasma glucose level 5.1 mmol/L Serum vitamin B12 level 259 pg/mL Serum free T4 level 15.4 pmol/L Serum TSH level 3.41 miu/L Full blood count Haemoglobin concentration 145 g/L [115.0 – 160.0] Total white blood count 5.8 10*9/L [4.0 – 11.0] Platelet count – observation 162 10*9/L [135.0 – 450.0] Red blood cell count 4.75 10*12/L [3.8 – 4.8] Mean cell volume 92 fL [80.0 – 100.0] Haematocrit 0.44 L/L [0.35 – 0.45] Mean cell haemoglobin level 30.5 pg [27.0 – 34.0] Red blood cell distribution width 11.9 [10.0 – 15.0] Neutrophil count 2.8 10*9/L [2.0 – 7.5] Lymphocyte count 2.4 10*9/L [1.0 – 4.0] Monocyte count – observation 0.4 10*9/L [0.1 – 1.0] Eosinophil count – observation 0.1 10*9/L [0.0 – 0.5] Basophil count 0.0 10*9/L [0.0 – 0.2] Nucleated red blood cell count 0.0 10*9/L [0.0 – 0.2] My creatine has been slightly lower previously but often is at this level and sometimes a bit higher. I have not had my urine re-tested recently and in previous tests there has always been protein in the urine. The doctor dismissed this as ‘women on low carb diets if you are trying to lose weight eat too much protein’ – I was not on a low carb diet and am very conscious of not being as when I did a couple of years ago I ended up on antibiotics for nephritis. I have an aunt who was not diagnosed with kidney disease and died in her early 60’s and was then found to have kidney disease. I have another aunt who had kidney disease along with thyroid problems and hashimotos. Obviously I would LOVE to not have this worry and for me to not have problems with my kidneys, however, I really feel like the doctor is missing something and a lot of the warning signs are there?

I do not identify any kidney disease based on the information that you present.  You should also have urine testing for blood, protein and infection.  Protein in the urine should be quantitated to know how much protein is being spilled into the urine.

For more information on tests to measure kidney function click here:

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