Need advice on diet which enhances kidney function for kidney impairment patients who are in the 1st and 2nd stage condition. Diet which provides or assist in anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degradation, extending blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, promoting DNA replication of damaged inherent cells and providing nutrition for damaged kidneys. Med condition : Year 2001 complained low appetite, vomitting sensation and decrease in weight. Diagnosis – single function kidney since birth. Right kidney displaced, small size, fused with lefy kidney and dysfunction (IVU report). Creatinine reading was 160 umol/L (62-115) – blood test yr 2001. Mild stage diabetes and high blood pressure. Nephro clinic prescription : Metformin Hydrochloride Extended Release Tabs – 500mg 1tab/day, Atorvastatin – 20mg 1tab/day, Ticlopidine HCL – 250mg 1tab/day, Loasartan Potassium/Hydrochlorothiazide – 50/12.5mg 1tab/day. I have been taking this med for past 16 yrs. There is a improvement in my condition. Current blood profile result : Creatinine – 110 umol/L .

I am a strong advocate for the DASH diet.  I suggest that you review the DASH diet at:


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