I have a friend with severe pain in her back, left side. A CT scan showed a 2 cm cyst. She had an ultrasound and they diagnosed it as Indeterminant left renal lesion. She has had pain off an on for a few years. 2 years ago, this cyst was 1 mm. Her pain is very real and severe. At this time, they do not intend to do anything. Is there any other reason she would have this pain? She does have blood in her urine but according to the doctors, no infection. I am very worried about her and think there should be a next step.

A simple cyst on a kidney does not ordinarily cause pain.  I suggest that you consult with a urologist about further studies to be done on the lesion that has been identified on the left kidney.  I am a nephrologist and do not perform surgery.  Masses and lesions of the kidney should be evaluated by a surgeon and a urologist is a kidney surgeon.


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