I just read a question of the doctor implying pain and vomiting from kidney failure (I have been diagnosed with stage 3 CKD). I have no pain nor do I experience problems with indigestión. In fact, I feel mighty fine but I do not wish to spend my latter years in that lab in Guadalajara hooked to a machine four hours a day, four days a week after driving for three hours round-trip from Lake Chapala to save my sorry life at 75. Why do not I feel pain nor lethargy? I hope that as to a presumed life over a number of years but I am suspicious of false signals. What you say doctor?

Kidney disease most commonly has no symptoms until late in the course of disease for chronic kidney disease (CKD).  Stage 3 CKD is very early and rarely has any symptoms.  As CKD progresses to Stage 4 and Stage 5, symptoms may be seen, but may not until very late in the disease nearing end stage kidney disease.  I would recommend that you try to maintain your current status and avoid progression of CKD by following your physician’s advice.

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