I volunteered as a living donor (my wife is on the kidney transplant list), but was turned down by the transplant team because I had breast cancer five (5) years ago. During my BC treatment I underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments (I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, Stage 1). However, I have been cancer-free for five years and am in good health. Why would I be turned down as a living donor?

The decision to accept someone as a kidney donor is dependent on the judgement and protocols established by the individual transplant centers.  There are no nationwide guidelines for accepting a kidney donor.  Hence, the decision to reject you as a kidney donor is unique to the transplant center that you applied to. If you wish, you and your wife can apply to another transplant center for a second opinion.  Your wife must first be accepted as a participant on their list and then you can be evaluated as a donor for a second opinion.


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