Hello, My 32 year old brother in law received a kidney and pancreas transplant 3 weeks ago. He has lost 20-30 pounds due to lack of appetite and nausea. His is experiencing very low blood pressure which caused dizziness and nausea. I wasn’t expecting to see him so fatigued and in bed so much. My sister said his doctors don’t seem concerned…but she is so worried. What can people expect after a transplant? Common side effects? How can we stimulate his appetite?

Kidney and pancreas transplants have a very variable course.  I’m not sure there is a typical course that can be described.  Your brother-in-law has Type 1 diabetes mellitus, which can be responsible for some of his complications.  I suggest that your brother-in-law continue to consult with the transplant physicians and make sure they are aware of his weight loss and loss of appetite.  They may need to adjust medications or provide some form of nutrition for him.

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