My husband has creatinine 2.3, 1 kidney, also high pressure under control 140/80. He is taking 7 pills a day to lower hypertension. He will have an aorta operation replacement with a 15cm long, at the end of the month. He also has hidden blood on urine in today laboratory test. What kind of fruits and vegetables he has to eat to reduce the creatinine to normal levels. He recently had catheterization and angiogram both of them because of the aorta problem on 4 April. Please help me to make a diet to lower creatinine. Urgent!

There are no diets that lower the serum creatinine and improve kidney function.  There are diets that can slow the deterioration in kidney function.  I am a strong advocate for the DASH diet.  You can review the DASH diet at:

It is most important that your husband continue to consult with the physicians who are caring for him.  He will be at significant risk for acute kidney injury if there is a major operation to repair his aorta.


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