After removal of stone from my left kidney naturally, I observed frequent drops of pus. I consulted with kidney specialists at SIUT Karachi Pakistan. They, after a series of tests declared that my left kidney has got infection, according to report, Daie Cell observed 0.3%, Tissues 0.2%, Creatinine 2.9, Pus18%, Platelets in blood reduced to 2200, Ultrasound revealed that left kidney collapsed by 0.3 cm. I am feeling pain and pus+ blood mixed drops are continuously discharging. The tests also revealed the presence of infection in cum-discharge. Doctors suggests two options to me. One to immediately remove this infected kidney, the body will be maintained on one kidney which is healthy. Second to undergo Laser Cystoscopic Surgery, in which infected part of your kidney will be cut-cleaned and cured for infection, the option being not available in Pakistan. I was advised to go UAE for this operation. My question to this worthy forum is to suggest me if the treatment of infected kidney is better option or the simply removal of kidney is good one. I am in doubt if this infection may re-occur even after having Laser Surgery..? An early reply is appreciated, please.

The question that you ask is a urological question.  I am a nephrologist and have no expertise in surgery or surgical treatment of kidney disease.  I suggest that you consult with your urologist, who is a kidney surgeon. If you have unanswered questions, a second opinion from another urologist may be needed.


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