Dr. Spry, my Grandfather had his ureteral stents exchanged. His doctors say this should lower his elevated creatinine level. His creatinine level elevated from 2.8 to 3.4. That’s factoring in my Grandfather drinks little to no water to help his condition. But his doctors say the new stents will help lower the creatinine. I’m trying to get him to drink water. Doctors say drinking water regularly will help him too. I’d like to know how much lower do you think his creatinine will be with the new stents?

There is no way to anticipate the degree of creatinine lowering that could be seen after change of a ureteral stent.  I would suggest that you continue to follow the advice of your grandfather’s doctors.  A urologist generally exchanges the stents and a nephrologist monitors the kidney function.  Careful observation for infection and blockage will need to be part of the followup after the stents are exchanged.



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