I have recently been diagnosed with acute kidney disease. My GP has taken me off my anti-inflammatory Voltaren 75mg slow release. Before this I had been popping advil. I have a lot of arthritis and other inflammation going on and her offer of Tylenol does nothing for me. I have ordered a joint formula called Pro Flex by Naka, which does contain a form of curcumin. My doctor is not willing to discuss herbal therapy at all but a pharmacist told me I should stop taking the tumeric capsules I had started on. So I am kind of confused as to whether I can take this joint formula. I have been referred to a kidney specialist but it could take forever to get in. I also have high cholesterol but went off the drugs a couple years back due to muscle pain and cramps. Could high cholesterol cause elevated creatinine readings? I am finding it difficult without the anti-inflammatories and hope I can take this joint formula at least. Any advice would be appreciated.

Non-steroidal anti-infammatory drugs (NSAID’s) such as Advil and Votaren are associated with kidney disease and should be stopped.  Your kidney function may improve off of these NSAID’s and your physician likely wants to remeasure your kidney function off of all of these medications to learn if this is the problem.  I have no information about the herbal medications that you mention.  I am not sure what they could be doing to your kidney function and would recommend that you suspend use of these medications until all of your testing is complete.  Most herbal agents have never been tested in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and hence your physician is trying to make sure your kidney function returns to normal.  If it does not, then further testing may be needed.


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