Hello sir. I am male and 37 years old. Weight is 55 Kg. I am athletic muscular. I do regular walking, jogging, karate exercises. Recently I had tests. My creatinine is 1.14 . I calculate eGFR online. It says my GFR is 69. Now, I just wanted to know, do I have kidney disease? Should I do more check up tests? because I don’t feel any pain in kidneys. Also my blood pressure and sugar level is normal.

I cannot make a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD) based on the information that you present.  You should also have urine testing for blood, protein or infection in the urine to determine if you could have CKD.  People who have a very large muscle mass can have an elevated serum creatinine and it may not reflect CKD.  The more muscle mass there is, the more creatinine is generated by the muscles and the higher the serum creatinine.  If your urine is normal, then I cannot make a diagnosis of CKD.


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