I am a very rare person who has sarcoidosis and I lost my kidneys due to cancer June 2012. My phosphorus levels are high at 12. This was the last. I had my parathyroid removed in 2015 and it helped for a little while but now it keeps creeping up and at first I was snacking without my binders but for the most part I take them. I have bone pain and calcium buildup on my shoulders. I’m 51 years old and I’m watching what I eat and try to stay away from high phosphorus foods. My question is how can I bring down my levels once they gotten this high? I’m on peritoneal dialysis.

If you are on peritoneal dialysis and have a high phosphorus, you should be taking a phosphate binder with each and every meal.  I suggest that you discuss this with the dietitian who is assigned to your by your dialysis unit.The dietitian can review your current diet and make suggestions on how to modify your diet and how many phosphate binders you should be taking.  A combination of diet and binders should help to bring your phosphorus back down.


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