I was recently diagnosed with Stage 3a CKD, much to my shock. It is stable since last year, according to my doctor. He didn’t recommend anything specific other than healthy diet, exercise, no NSAIDs and monitor blood pressure. However, I read a lot about lowering protein and phosphates, etc. I also think I am at risk for osteoporosis and had been taking a lot of supplements, including calcium. I am wondering if I should see a nephrologist and/or dietician for advice at this stage. I would like to be proactive and delay worsening of this condition. I am 66. I would appreciate your input.

Your primary care physician is well qualified to care for early stage chronic kidney disease (CKD).  It is most important that you continue to see your physician regularly and have blood and urine testing for CKD.  If your blood pressure is well controlled and you lead a healthy lifestyle, there may not be much more that needs to be done for your CKD.  I am a strong advocate for the DASH diet in early stage CKD.  You should follow a low salt diet and you can review the DASH diet at:  https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/health-topics/topics/dash

I do not advocate a low protein diet.


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