Hi. My husband has been on hemodialysis since 2003. He has gone through 2 fistulas on his left arm and 10 days ago they had to use a graft on his right arm after realizing too many IV’s on right arm…its been 10 days and its definitely infected. About 5 days ago he went to Dr’s office to have them check it because we were already suspicious of infection. They told him it looked okay and sent him on his way…by Friday his clinic finally said yes its infected and gave him a dose of antibiotics with his treatment. My question is after being infected for so long is the graft going to be able to be used and also I do not feel like they are being as agressive with the treatment of his infection as they should. They didn’t do a culture on it either?

I can only suggest that you discuss your concerns with the nephrologist who is caring for your husband. Infections in fistulas and grafts are very important to treat aggressively and early.

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