I am male, 30 years old and I have Proteinuria. Doctors suspect some kind of Glomerulonephritis. One doctor thinks is IgA Nephropathy. And I am really confused and worried. I decided to do a biopsy to find out in about a month from now. The laboratory results are confusing me a bit as they use different measurements. All are urine test results here. January 2017: Urinary Micro Albumin: 1132 mg/L Urinary Creatinine: 1.25 gm/L Albumin Creatinine Ratio (ACR) 905.0 mg/gm February 2017: Urinary Micro Albumin: 590 mg/L Urinary Creatinine: 0.60 gm/L Albumin Creatinine Ratio (ACR) 983.0 mg/gm May 2017: Urinary Albumin: 109.2 mg/dL Urinary Creatinine: 0.08 g/dL Albumin Creatinine Ratio (ACR) 1365 mg/g (Different laboratoy than the 2 previous) I will appreciate a lot if you kindly would give me your feedback.

The only result that you quote consistently is the urinary albumin to creatinine ratios.  The other results reflect the concentration of the urine and are not significant.  The urinary albumin to creatinine ratios are between 905 and 1365.  These numbers are very similar and reflect similar amounts of albumin in the urine. I suggest that you wait for the results of your kidney biopsy and then consult with your nephrologist about treatment recommendations.  The albumin in the urine confirms that you may have some form of kidney disease and the biopsy should tell you what is causing this and lead to proper treatment.


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