Dr. Spry, what do you think about these alternatives to dialysis: Wearing an artificial kidney? Wearing an artificial kidney makes it easier for people to wear and move around with without having to use a dialysis center or dialysis machines. Xenotransplantation? Xenotransplantation uses animal organs in place of human organs like kidneys. Bionic kidneys? A Bionic Kidney is a bio-hybrid device that is moved by the heart which filters wastes and toxins rom the bloodstream and balances sodium and potassium and regulates blood pressure. And a bionic kidney replaces the need for dialysis. What do you think of these dialysis alternatives?

All of these areas that you mention are active in clinical research at the present time. The only one in actual human testing at the present time is the wearable artificial kidney (WAK).  As far as I know, less than 10 people have used the WAK as a pilot study.  Further human studies are being planned.  The other two technologies are still in the research lab and no human studies have been started as far as I know.  My estimate is that these technologies are still years from being generally available.


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