I have just been told that I have kidney disease stage 2 and have had it for awhile and have never been told. I am 72 years old . I also have type 2 diabetes under control with medication Metformin 500mg twice a day. In the past few months, I have lost 16 lbs not trying too in any way. How can I find what to eat that is good for my kidneys and diabetes at the same time? How much water should I drink? Thank You for your time. My primary care doctor says I do not need to see a kidney doctor. Of course, I have an HMO and believe that is why.

Stage 2 chronic kidney disease (CKD) is very early CKD and should be able to be managed by your primary care physician (PCP).  You should follow a low salt diabetic diet.  If you need further counseling, you may need to meet with a dietitian.  If your diabetes is well controlled and your blood pressure is normal, then no other treatment is commonly needed.  You should have urine testing for blood, protein and infection as well.  I suggest that you discuss your concerns with your PCP.  I do not think a kidney specialist (nephrologist) would change any of your treatments at this time.  If your PCP is uncomfortable with management, then a nephrologist may be needed to evaluate your treatment and make a more specific diagnosis.


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