Hi, I had edema and some pain in my foot. I applied to hospital. According to my lab results everything was okay (including creatinin 0.98) except protein amount urine (3256 mg / 2.2 Litre). They made biopsy and the result was fsgs (collapsing). My BMI is over 32 (183 cm 110 kg and my blood tension was 16 – 10. Doctor gave me Delix 5 mg (1 per day) and poor protein diet. Is that mean “My kidney disease is because of obesity and tension?” If yes, can it be reversed?

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) has many different causes, including obesity.  High blood pressure can be seen in patients with FSGS but does not normally cause FSGS.  I am unable to make a specific diagnosis without performing a complete history and physical examination.  I suggest that you ask your questions of the physician who is caring for you.


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