I am at late stage 4 CKD (IgANepropathy) entering stage 5 at gfr 16. I live in the UK. Going through pre transplant procedures before being added to transplant list. The cardiologist wants me to have an NM Myocardial perfusion scan (Nuclear Medicine) Its essentially a two part stress test. Part on they give you a drug (no name mentioned) that mimics the effects of exercise (stress) on the body. Then you may be required at another date to take part two, a rest test in which they inject a small radioactive tracer (dye) which allows imaging of heart with gamma camera. My question is, knowing that contrast media is unsafe for kidneys, is this radioactive dye safe within nuclear medicine? And also is the procedure itself safe?

The contrast used for nuclear medicine scanning is not toxic to the kidney and should not pose a problem for your chronic kidney disease (CKD).  If you have concerns, you should discuss this with your physician and the cardiologist.


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