My brother has CKD and needs to undergo a second transplant as his first transplant has failed after 7 years. I was tested to be his donor but rejected as my GFR was considered low. My GFR is 38 in each kidney, totaling to 76. My corrected creatinine clearance is 82.5 ml/min.1.73m2. Serum creatinine is 0.8 mg/dl. I do not have high BP, Cholesterol or diabetes and all my other screenings were normal (heart,liver,blood tests etc). I am a 100% HLA match to my brother. Please advise whether the GFR is actually a concern for rejecting me as a donor. I am 34 years old.

Each transplant center determines the guidelines that they will use to accept someone as a kidney donor.  There are no national or international guidelines that are universally recognized.  I can only suggest that you seek a second opinion at another transplant center, if you wish to be re-considered.  The levels of kidney function that you quote seem to be pretty good, but each transplant center determines the criteria and they have the option of refusing you as a donor, if you do not meet their criteria.

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