How rare is “Humoral Rejection” and what if any are the advances in medicine for it? “Wegeners Granulomatosis” is what my friend had. He has no kidneys and has had 3 failed transplants. He is now being told he is no longer a candidate for transplant. He is under 30. Can you give me all the information you have on this? I want to research as much as I can and see if he has any other options.

Humoral rejection is a form of rejection that is caused by the B-cell side of the immune system.  Cellular rejection is the other form of rejection that more commonly occurs in kidney transplants.  Humoral rejection is very difficult to treat and usually involves use of plasmapheresis and other cytotoxic medication.  It is best to consult with a transplant physician or an immunologist for further information.  This is a very complex area and it is best to consult with an expert in the area of transplantation.

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