I was recently diagnosed with Bosniak 2 complicated cysts with 2 simple cysts on left kidney. During ultrasound, left kidney size measured 7.9cm, right was 8.4. I’m 5’2″ weigh 130. My normal weight is 110 but gained 20lbs from steroids. I urinate often, never had uti, history of kidney stones, treated with lithotripsy. I am not a diabetic. Last creatinine was 1.1. My question, is the kidney size normal? IF not, what are some possible diagnoses? I do have an upcoming appt with urologist.

I am not an expert in kidney cysts.  This is usually the expertise of a urologist. I am a nephrologist.  The size of your kidneys should be in proportion to your body size.  I am unable to comment on your kidney measurement without examining you and the technique that was used for the kidney ultrasound.  I suggest that you ask the urologist to provide an opinion about the size of your kidneys.


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