My husband gets blood work done every 6 months for the last 20 years due to a pituitary adenoma. His Comprehensive Metabolic Panel has always been normal until 2 years ago. His creatinine went from a 1.21 in January 2015 to a 1.46 in August 2015. He had a 24 urine test done in November 2015 and it showed normal kidney function. The doctor said kidney function was 110%. Since then these have been his creatinine results – (range 0.60 – 1.35mg-dl) 11/2015 – 1.33 1/2016 – 1.22 10/2016 – 1.39 12/2016 – 1.29 5/2017 – 1.37 All other results with the panel are normal. My question is – are these fluctuations anything to be concerned about? His diet hasn’t changed, all he drinks is water so he can’t be dehydrated (same amount all the time), exercise hasn’t changed either.

The laboratory values that you report for the serum creatinine on your husband are not different from each other.  These values are within normal laboratory variation for the serum creatinine test.  There is a natural loss of kidney function with aging and some of the decline in the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) can be attributed to natural aging.  In general, there is a loss of 1% kidney function per year beyond age 40.  This also comes into consideration when evaluating the laboratory testing that you mention. I suggest that you discuss your concerns with your husband’s physician.


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