I have recently been told I have an issue with my kidney but they have done tests and cannot seem to know why the kidneys are decreasing in function. They do, however, see a small blockage on the right side causing some issues, but no answer as to why the left side is also decreasing. I have not been diagnosed with kidney disease and there are no additional veins blocking the ureter junction that may cause the current blockage. They ruled that out to as well as kidney stones so if its not congenital, not kidney disease, no other areas seem to have any other damage, including the spleen and pancreas. So my question is, what else could cause such a freak random thing to occur?

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  The blockage on the right kidney is obviously an area to be examined.  I am a nephrologist and have no expertise in blockage of the ureters of the kidney.  This is a urological problem and is within the expertise of a urologist.  I suggest that you consult with a urologist.  A urologist is a surgeon and has expertise with the “plumbing’ of the kidney.


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