My question is out of desperation. My husband has suffered kidney issues since he was 12. And at the age of 35 and after many kidney surgeries and procedures had his left kidney removed. It was not draining correctly causing severe pain and after several attempts to repair it, the doctors decided removing it was the best option. Now he is having similar problems with his other kidney. After research of my own, I went to the local urologist here and told him I thought my husband had a floating kidney. He said he had never heard of that but thought it made sense. He did all the tests and said, yes, that his kidney was moving and that was what was causing the pain and why it was not draining. He said he would look into the surgery and put in a stent for the time being. When we went to the followup, we were treated much different. We were told that floating kidney was not real and they would not do the surgery and all they would do is put in stents. I guess my question is, how can a Doctor say something he can see with a test is not real and where do I go from here for treatment. There is a surgery out there that can fix this but instead my husband is forced to suffer and live a life in pain.

I have never heard of a floating kidney.  I understand that this term used to be used years ago to describe pain moving around in the back, but the kidney only moves up and down when you breathe.  Everyone’s kidneys move up and down when we breathe.  I am not a urologist.  I am a nephrologist.  I have never heard of any surgery done for a floating kidney.  I can only suggest that you seek a second opinion from another urologist.


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