My husband has stage 4 kidney failure on dialysis and is also diabetic. The graft that they put in his arm got infected so they removed it. They have put in perm/catheters for his access but they all keep getting infected along with blood clots behind the area. They are running out of areas to put this devices in at. I was really wondering if a peritoneal device sounds to be a good choice was just trying to get a little medical advice and if this sounds to be a good option, how or who would be the one to be able to start this progress?

The nephrologist who is caring for your husband should be able to assess your husband’s chances of being successful with peritoneal dialysis.  There are risks and benefits to doing peritoneal dialysis for a patient with diabetes, but if vascular access for hemodialysis is becoming an issue, then the possibility of peritoneal dialysis should be explored.  I suggest you discuss this with your husband’s nephrologist.

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