Dear Doctor, Please see the below recent lab reports for your reference. (Done on 24/06/2017) Urine microalbumin: 983 mg/dl, urine microalbumin/creatine ratio: 1262 mg/dl, Albumin:4.62, creatinine: 1.44, BUN:15.6, Total cholesterol: 275, Uric acid: 8. I have been taking Olmesarten 20 mg for 2 yrs for blood pressure. Then the nephrologist changed this tablet to Lercadip 20 mg, but after taking lercadip, I feel palpitation so again changed to Tab Micardis 40 mg. I have started taking Tab Micardis from last week only. Now the doctor advised me to go for renal biopsy. I am working in Dubai.

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  You have kidney disease based on the increase in urine protein (microalbumin) but I cannot make any other diagnosis.  A kidney biopsy would clearly show the cause of your urine protein and may lead to a more specific diagnosis and specific treatment.  I recommend that you continue to work with your physicians in Dubai.


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