I have got transplant of kidney done 4 years ago. Hydroxy-vitamin D remains under insufficient level (24 to 28) even though I do take ostrocalcium (vitamin D supplement) daily. My serum calcium remains between 8.7 to 9.5 (normal range). Can you suggest any better supplement for enhancing vitamin D level? While on the subject, let me inform you all others test results (lipid, lever function, fasting plasma test, urine test) are normal with creatinine at 1.1 and egfr at 75. My second query is what is PRA test? Is it required to be done by transplant patient at regular intervals?

The recommended dose of vitamin D is approximately 1000 to 2000 units per day and you should check to see how much vitamin D is contained in your supplement.  If your level remains low, then increasing the dose may be necessary.  Any vitamin D supplement should be acceptable if the dose is sufficient.

Panel reactive antibodies (PRA’s) are done prior to your transplant to test to see how many individuals you may be sensitive to but is not necessary after your transplant.  Some transplant center do perform donor specific antibodies (DSA) after the transplant in order to monitor for possible rejection.  You should check with your transplant center to see if they recommend and perform DSA’s.

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