What is the normal range of blood pressure, pulse rate, and pulse pressure for transplant patients having fistula (which probably enhance blood flow) on left hand. If BP is not a constant number and oscillates with movement, rest , anxiety, ecstasy etc. Then why is it doctor recommends transplant patients to keep the BP at 130/80 or so. (Some nephrologist also give more stress to diastolic pressure) There are various automatic digital BP measuring equipment available. How one determines the best and comparatively more accurate. In the manual of above monitor, it is suggested to measure BP thrice at a interval of 3 minutes. Is it a standard or monitor dependent? Now, whether the average of three readings will be considered as BP even if three individual numbers are to 5 to 10 mm different? Particularly systolic pressure.

The standard way in which blood pressure is to be taken is to be sitting for 5 minutes in a comfortable chair and then the blood pressure should be taken three times approximately 5 minutes apart.  There is often variability to the blood pressure and the average of the three measurements is recorded as the blood pressure.  The most important measurement is the top number or the systolic blood pressure, although the bottom number or the diastolic blood pressure can be of concern in certain instances.  The blood pressure monitor may be need to be calibrated from time to time.  A manual mercury manometer is the standard for recording blood pressure, but various automated blood pressure monitors can be accurate in recording blood pressure if the monitors are calibrated from time to time.


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