Good day, I’m 30yrs of age from Nigeria. I am 1 year 6 months post renal transplant patient. And I am having trouble gaining weight though I eat well. I used to weigh 58kg before the CKD and I weighed 53kg few months after TX, but presently I dropped down to 50kg. It is really making me depressed because my breast and butt are now very saggy and small. What can I do to improve my weight and is it safe to use PUERARIA MIRIFICA cream to enhance my breast and butt

I am not able to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present.  It is most common to gain weight after a kidney transplant.  I suggest that you discuss your concerns with your transplant physician.  I am not familiar with the cream that you mention.  I suggest further evaluation with your transplant team.


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