I keep hearing different things about dialysis. I am stage 5 but still urinate regularly. My biggest symptoms are feeling tired and loss of appetite. My doctors tell me I will live many years and feel great on dialysis but then I have nurses tell me its horrible on the body and after about 5 years your health goes down. What is the truth? If I did dialysis it would be home. I have no other serious health problems (ex. cancer, heart disease, lung disease, etc). I’m trying to get on a transplant list now, but what is the truth about the side effects of dialysis?

Dialysis, especially dialysis done at home, is a way to stay alive and feel well until you get a kidney transplant.  There are many different responses to dialysis, but in general, most folks who start dialysis feel much better and are able to lead normal lives for the most part.  I believe that home dialysis patients feel the best.  Transplantation is the ultimate goal and doing dialysis is a way to stay healthy enough to get a kidney transplant.  You and your nephrologist will make the decision about when to start dialysis and then hopefully transplantation follows soon after.


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