Hello sir. I am a 58 years old male with a body weight of 65 kg. I had kidney transplantation 22 years ago. At the moment my anti-rejection medications are: Cyclosporine 100 mg/ day Azathioprine 25 mg/ day Prednisolone 2.5 mg / day. I take medications for hypertension (enalapril) and mild diabetes (gliclazide since 2 years ago). My question is: Can I stop taking prednisolone to slow down my diabetes progress?

If you have had a successful kidney transplant for 22 years, I would not recommend any change in your treatment.  You have been very successful with your transplant and it would not be a good idea to change treatment that has been successful.  In studies done many years ago, if prednisone was stopped from a successful treatment program, about 20% of kidney transplants will suffer rejection.  I suggest that you discuss your concerns with your physician.


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