I have had uric acid kidney stones for over a year. I get them every month. They pass on their own. I go to the hospital for pain management if I have to. Recent blood test from hospital on June 10 showed chronic kidney disease stage 3. The creatine 1.33 gfr 46. CT tests showed multiple stones in left ureter. I am female 53 years old. Will I live long enough to see my 12 year old become an adult? My doctors never told me this. I never knew this could happen with just a year of stones. Could it go back to normal once stones pass?

Kidney stones are usually treated by a Urologist.  I am a Nephrologist and treat patients to prevent kidney stones.  I suggest that you consult with a Urologist and determine the best course of treatment for your existing stones.  You should also consult with your primary care physician (PCP) and determine if you need to see a Nephrologist. I am unable to give you an exact prognosis, but your PCP should be able to advise you about your current condition and treatments that are indicated.


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