Hi, I had reconstructed kidney surgery about 12 years ago. Now I’m in late stage 4 CKD and the kidney I had surgery on is now dead. I’m having a hard time finding my records from the Hospital. Do you know where I can go to get them? Now that my left kidney died did the adrenal gland die with it? I’m having a lot of fatigue, and just down right have no energy. I got my fistula created last week. That was just a FYI.

Disease of the adrenal gland and disease of the kidney are almost always two separate diseases.  I do not know what type of kidney surgery that you had, but sometimes the adrenal gland of that kidney can be injured or removed at the time of kidney surgery.  Otherwise, it is unlikely that you have failure of your adrenal gland.  You also should have a normal adrenal gland associated with the kidney that was not operated on.

I suggest that you consult with your primary care physician (PCP) as to the location of your records and how to access them.


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