I have proteinuria for over 9 years. It was first detected in 2008. I’m a male person, 36 years old, with 183 cm height and 90 kg weight. My blood pressure is 120/80 most often. My results from the lab August -03 2017 AlkP 66 U/L AST 16 U/L ALT 16 U/L Gluc C 4.77 mmol/L Urea 4.5 mmol/L CreaC 80.30 umol/L UA 361.8 umol/L TP 72 g/L AlbG 47 g/L Gllob. 25 g/L Na-C 139 mmol/L K-C 4.8 mmol/L CaC 2.39 mmol/L Phos 0.95 mmol/L IgA 2.38 g/L IgG 10.70 g/L IgM 0.62 g/L C3 1.1 g/L C4 0.2 g/L Trig 0.7 mmol/L Clol 5.1 mmol/L UHDL 1.22 mmol/L LDL CALC 3.5 Upro 0.69 g/L (proteins in 24 hour urine) I also did tests during the last few months. (the results were 0.39 , 0.60 , 0.62 g/L) My doctor advised me to do a Biopsy in order to detect the reason of kidney damage. What do you think about my lab results? Is it allowed for me to do physical exercises with this condition ( for example 1 hour of bicycling, or 2 hours of walking 5-6 times per week), knowing that this will increase the amount of proteins in my urine аdditionally? This is very important for me because my BMI is over 26 and I have overweight. I want to do exercise so that I can have a normal weight. Do these proteins that are passing from the kidneys to the urine are damaging my kidneys?

I am unable to make a specific diagnosis of kidney disease based on the information that you present.  You have excess protein in your urine and this can both cause kidney disease and also be the result of kidney disease.  I agree with your physician.  I believe a kidney biopsy may be necessary in order to make a specific diagnosis of your kidney disease and this will lead to appropriate treatment and recommendations about exercise.  I suggest you follow your doctor’s advice.


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