Hi, I am a 30 years old woman. I have been on dialysis for 4 years. The first year my weight was 55, the second year it was 45 and since the last two years my weight has been on the rise from 45 to now 61.5 kgs. Since the month of May this year, I have gone from 58.5 to 61.5 kgs (this is 3 kgs gain in 7 months). My problem and question is that I eat very little and have bouts of anorexia. Then why am I gaining weight? I have not changed my eating habits, in fact I have completely quit added sugar in my diet and have started exercising more. Can you please tell me if any chemicals used during dialysis can cause weight gain? Thank you

I am not able to make a specific diagnosis based on the information that you present. I would need to see you and examine for the cause of the weight changes. Your nephrologist should be able to provide you with a diagnosis and make recommendations. You may also have to consult with the dietitian who is assigned to your care at the dialysis unit. I am not aware of any chemicals in the dialysis machine that would be associated with weight changes. Your nephrologist should be able to differentiate between fluid weight gain and gain of body mass.

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