My family has a long history of kidney failure. In fact my mom is the 8th person in the family line that has been diagnosed with kidney failure. Her kidneys are currently working at 22%. The 7 other family members have been through dialysis and eventually having a kidney transplant. I am 34 years old and will be seeing the kidney doctor in April to look at my kidney function. At 34 years old my GFR is at 67. From the research I have done that seems to be low considering my age and health. All the doctors we have spoken to tell us this is not hereditary however seeing 8 family members deal with the same disease seems to tell us otherwise. We would be interested in possible clinical trials to look into our families kidney history.

I am not aware of any clinical trials that studies families with unknown kidney disease. It is most often necessary that a kidney biopsy has been done in one or more individuals in a family to confirm that the kidney disease is hereditary. If the cause of the kidney disease can be determined, then study of the genetics can be undertaken. There is a web site that catalogs clinical trials. You could explore this web site at:

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