My father got operated in Dec 2015 for large left URS uretric calculus of 16mm by laser lithotripsy method. Now again he has 10 mm mobile stone is in left kidney and having urine infection problem with pus cells from the last 2 years. Present Creatinine is 1.8 and we also done NCCT and Renal DTPA Scan. Left kidney -16% GFR 5.7ml and Right Kidney 84%, GFR 29.8ml. And also had done Urine Culture, it shows E coli 100000 cfu/ml. Urologist Doctor advise us for laparoscopic left simple nephrotomy. Please advice.

I am a nephrologist and not a urologist. I have no surgical expertise. I am unable to provide surgical opinions. I suggest you consult with your father’s urologist or primary care physician (PCP).

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