Hi. I’ve been having a lot pain in both kidneys and I have stones in both. My left kidney is also significantly smaller than my right one which has hydronephrosis but the doctors won’t do anything to help unless they see it as life threatening or an emergency. What can I do? I’ve had referrals made to doctors but have yet to hear anything even after calling and I’m in so much pain. I’m at my wits end. Any advice would be extremely appreciated. I have every symptom except for the fever and blood in urine. Thank you

The problem that you describe is a urological problem having to do with recurrent kidney stones and back pain. I am a nephrologist and have no surgical expertise. A nephrologist tries to figure out why someone has recurrent kidney stones and prevent new ones. A urologist is a surgeon and deals with kidney stones once they are already present. I suggest that you continue to consult with a urologist.

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