Sir, this is pertaining to my father, who is 66 yrs old and has been diabetic since 1996. His present Creatinine level is 4.8. He has been advised to take the below mentioned medicines. Are the prescribed medicines okay for my father? His liquid intake in a day is restricted to 1 liter and no salt in food. Kindly advise. Here is a list of his medications: 1)ARKAMIN 0.2 mg 2)NICARDIA R 10 mg 3)CARVEDILOL 25 mg 4)SOBISIS 500 mg 5)FEBUXOSTAT 80 mg 6)PHOSTAT 667 mg 7)KETOSTERIL 8)URIMAX 0.4 mg 9)ANFOE 4000 10)LUPIHEME 12 mg 11)RENERVE 12)NOVARAPID 13)LANTUS

The medications that you describe are common medications used in patients with diabetes, gout, and chronic kidney disease (CKD). Some of the medications are used to treat anemia in patients with CKD. I am unable to recommend doses and medication without performing a complete history and physical examination. I suggest that you continue to follow the advice of the physicians who are treating your father.

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